There are many tools for analyzing financial patterns. Some you know, but most you have not even heard of. Most often I use several tools to show a process in more detail and visually. Excel is used for the calculation procedure, it can be used to generate all the basic reports, it allows you to generate graphs, and even build complex formulas. with automatic calculation, for example, if we have expenses, profit, it can automatically calculate the difference, schedule payment dates in relation to the schedule. and much more. We will not go into detail about the different tools and how they are organized, there are many investment training resources for this purpose, but we will familiarize ourselves with what they are for and how they work. familiarize ourselves with what they are for and how they can be useful.

Here's a short list of some of the most popular ones:

Excel/Google Sheets - these programs are standard tools for working with financial models due to their flexibility and powerful formula functions, This tool is the simplest and allows you to customize the first reports without much difficulty and very financially efficient procedure. Keynote - used to create presentations, which can greatly improve the visual presentation of reports, it is the visualization that allows you to quickly navigate and give the report to the team or colleagues. and report to the team or colleagues about operations, results and planning. This element is considered to be the new best version for manual presentation creation, only an artificial intelligence tool can be better than it.

Trello is an effective task scheduling and project management board. Most often used for teamwork, it allows you to distribute tasks and control the process. It is usually used by small development teams to improve control and completion dates.

SQL-clients - allows you to work with large amounts of data and conduct complex analytical queries - it is a complex procedure that requires developers, but it allows you to store huge amounts of data and analyze it. Imagine you need to collect statistics of cryptocurrency changes for a month - Excel will do, but if you need to look at a few years - and also show active changes or periods when tokens grew in value. For this you need such a powerful tool.

Python and Big Data frameworks - these tools are used to process big data and complex analytical tasks. Another professional tool which requires programmers to use, it connects to SQL and can pull the right data from it, speeding up the process of e.g. search, reporting, etc. based on the data obtained. and other things based on the data.

Tableau is a data visualization software that helps to better understand and present financial information. It is possible to combine the data obtained and to display visual component for deeper analysis and specific indications

Miro is an online whiteboard for collaboration and visualization of different processes and ideas. This tool is very useful for goal setting, step-by-step planning both globally and breaking it down into smaller subtasks to achieve consistent success. It is as easy to use as possible and open to great possibilities.

Camscanner is a document scanning application that can be useful for digitally storing paper records. If you need to organize your records electronically, this program allows you to digitize them and use them to transmit statements, check and reconcile reports. It is most commonly used in the financial world by financial controllers and accountants to maintain complete electronic records.

Conclusion about Immutable profit

These tools help to analyze various financial indicators, forecast company development and evaluate the effectiveness of decisions. They can be used both to create simple models and complex financial forecasts and scenarios. But all these tools require knowledge and skill, We provide a way to master these tools and apply them through practical experience, on real transactions. The next step in your financial literacy, backed by these tools will be to make a profit, that's how knowledge works. Our goal is to provide a tool that will lead you to independence and to make your own life-changing decisions.